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iCloud Question

Recently today (05/20/2013) I noticed the lock screen part of my iPhone was acting up, So I said 'OK whatever...' But every time I tried to lock my iPhone, I would get a message on the iPhone prompting me to either 'Slide to Power Off' or 'Cancel' - I'm not a fan of wanting my battery to go to waste every time I used it, so instead of consistently waiting for '1 Minute' to pass, I would either Lock the Phone (after sending a text, placing a call, Etc...) So I said OK... I don't remember when the problem occurred with the Lock / Power button, So I gave out, & went by to get a replacement device before my '14 day' return policy was up... Which today was my last day to act fast.. Backed up all my media onto the iCloud, & off to Verizon Wireless I went..

Went & was able to get another iPhone at no additional cost, Came back home, Reset my settings all over again, & was able to do so without a problem..

While my phone is resetting back to normal settings & how I had them set before, was OK... Now without knowing after the phone had finished downloading all my media, I said OK, I can delete the old iCloud backup, because it was no longer needed, looked through the Manage Storage tab & realized OK, this is lesser than the old device that I had & what do you know? Whoops! I deleted all my media that was still downloading onto the new iPhone, & now have to restart over with pictures, & such... So I called up the place where I got the replacement device, which was only about 5-10 mins away from me.. They still have my old device, (The old iPhone, with the unstable Lock / Power button issue) & said it was OK to come back in so they can reconnect it, & I would still be able to transfer all my media from my defective device onto the new device... I can't live without my media, not knowing I have Apps on the new phone, that are all 'Unorganized' & not in folders because before I left the store today, the person who was assisting me prompted me that she couldn't even get into my old iPhone to wipe the Data out because of a 'Pass Code', when I was on the phone with her I had set up & forgot to disable it for her before I left, so she can wipe out my Data... WHOOPS!

If my data is still transferabe from the old iPhone 5 Defective device, Can I still get all the apps, & media that I had on it previously before onto the new device..?

Please Advise..

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