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iPhone 5 Battery dying/super hot/data usage

3 problems with my phone right now!!

1. Has anybody been having issues with their battery just dying on them when the percent is over 50%? The past 3 weeks mine just randomly dies/shuts off when it is well over 50% sometimes lower.

2. This week my phone has been getting extremely hot where it burns my skin and it drops the charge from 100% to dead within a half hour. That started 2 days ago. Today I turned my phone off completely a few times during the day to hold the charge and let it cool off. Anybody have any ideas about either of these issues? The phone isn't even 2 years old yet!!

3. Also, my new billing cycle just started on 7/4/14 and its only been 7 days and my phone has already used about .6gb when normally I can go a month with using well under 1gb!!

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Re: iPhone 5 Battery dying/super hot/data usage

My iphone5 dies when it is around 35% in a somewhat cold environment, like an indoor ice rink. Everyone on line says it is a battery issue. Talked to a guy at the local POD Drop store, he says it sounds like a board issue. Can't find any other info on the subject.

Re: iPhone 5 Battery dying/super hot
Customer Support

I'm sure that it was scary to experience your phone getting that hot patriots91685! I want to investigate this and make sure it gets resoved ASAP! Please bring your phone, and any charging equipment you have to your local Verizon Corporate Store. They will be able to test it there, and determine what components are deffective, and provide you with options. You can find the closest store at this link. 

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