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iPhone 5 sim Help, losing LTE(4G)


I have a iPhone 5 activated on VZW, I also have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone that I use a sim adapter and can swap my iPhone 5 sim card to the Galaxy Nexus. When I use the Galaxy Nexus for a couple days and then try to use my sim card again in my iPhone 5, my iPhone 5 no longer will pick up LTE and stays in 3G service until I go to the VZW Store and get a new sim card reactivated.

Anyone know why this is happening or how it can be solved without getting a new sim card everytime. According to the VZW website the sim card can be swapped between VZW 4G phones with not issues. Has anyone else has this issue?

Any help would be great...Thanks

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Re: iPhone 5 sim Help, losing LTE(4G)

Wow I thought I was the only one with this setup.  It is not your sim card no matter what the VZW store or Tech Support tells you.  My guess is that his has something to do with VZW LTE authentication.  After some troubleshooting of my own I think I found a partial solution.  Turn off LTE on your Galaxy Nexus for awhile before you put the sim card into your iPhone or turn off LTE on your iPhone for awhile and then turn it back on.  This has worked for me every time but I haven't figured out the exact amount of time you have to disable LTE.  I have been disabling it for about an hour.  Let me know if this works for you.

The other option is to call Tech Support.  This unfortunately takes some time because you have to go to level 2 support before anything can be fixed.  Another problem is they may just tell you its the sim card and have you go to a VZW store to get a new sim card.

Re: iPhone 5 sim Help, losing LTE(4G)

Glad to know there is a partial work around for this issue.  I just purchased an iPhone 5 and was planning to do this exact type of swap (I also have the Galaxy Nexus) so it's good to know what issues I might run into.

Does anyone have any updates on this?  Is there a better 'fix' for it?

Is this happening for other phones when swapping the iPhone SIM to another 4G device?