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iPhone 5 & the RIDICULOUS data usage

Aloha, I used to have my own plan which had unlimited data.  In December of last year I had to put my sister on my plan which required me to get a different type of plan and it also took away my unlimited data (this alone pissed me off to no end, but thats a different story).  Since it was time for an upgrade & they were already taking away my unlimited data, I upgraded from the 4 to the iPhone 5.  The lady helping us was so nice & helpful and when it came down to picking a plan that worked best for me and my sister, she suggested my current plan witch a few gigs of data.  She said after running my analysis I barely used any data so a few gigs of data should suffice for me and my (younger) sister.  My sister wanted to stay on the safe side and got a 10gb data plan.  The lady at the counter said we were being WAY TOO overly cautious but said okay we could always lower it if we didnt need it.  She laughed and said she would be more than willing to help us lower our plan when we realized that 10gbs was WAY TOO much for just us too.

After a few months we noticed that we were always right around 10gbs.  I started yelling at my sister all the time to get off her phone.  We were barely using our phones. Not streaming moves or music on our phones, no emails or anything.  We soon noticed that we were always SO close to going over so I told her she needed to start going into the settings and turning off the Cellular data.  We both went into our phones and shut off EVERYTHING.  we pretty much went back to the old days of no luxurious cell phones and only used the apps at home where we have WIFI. When it came down to the end of the month we were still at 10 GBS of usage!!

The past two or three months we finally agreed to just give up and switch to 12GB because the $10 more a month was cheaper than paying $30 a month for overage.  I keep accusing her of using it when I told her to turn all cellular data off but I know that must be wrong because mine is off too and it still shows that I use almost 6GB a month!!

When I talk to people who have Sprint they said they have plans that are only a few gigs for a family of 2 & 3 people with iPhone 5s!! They also said that they think Sprint bills data differently.  And people I talked to that have AT&T also say that they have very low Gig plans & usage every month & never have problems with overage.

What am I doing wrong?  I don't really see the point in having a Smart Phone anymore because both of are Cellular Usage is always off.  We dont use it how it is intended to be used, hell I barely have any apps on it anymore.  I only use it to text & make phone calls so really what am I paying for? I'm thinking about forking out the extra money to cancel my plan with Verizon and switching carriers because this is ridiculous!  I mean we pay $200 for a phone we can barely use and the stress of knowing if we are going to end up over or not is just not worth it.  I love my iPhone & I love what it is CAPABLE of doing but I hate that Verizon doesn't allow me to enjoy it.  Is anyone else having this problem? Smiley Sad

Please do not tell me to switch my settings, turn things off or up my plan because it has all been done.  Even the people in the Verizon store told me everything in the book & nothing works. 

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Re: iPhone 5 & the RIDICULOUS data usage

Heres what I had to do to get my 5c to stop using rampant cellular data, please take a moment to read the discussion comments too.

Good Luck!!

Re: iPhone 5 & the RIDICULOUS data usage

Thank you!  I watched your video & read the comments & I'm glad to know I'm not going crazy.  I've done what you have done and it blows my mind to see data usage on my  line when my phone is off or data is completely shut off.  I think the problem here is were being nickle & dimed for every little thing where Sprint for instance, when I talked to an associate there they have "billed" data which is data they incurr ACTUALLY doing something and non-billed where its background nonsense and such.  Don't quote me on exact terminology and what not but you get the idea...

My point is exactly what you said in your video.  & we are forced to turn our SMARTPHONE into a DUMBPHONE and for no reason.  I mean apple designed this phone to run this way and to have all the cool little reminders and such but were being forced to turn it all off on our $99-$600 or whatever ridiculous amount we may have paid for this phone.  This to me is ridiculous.  I rather have a cheap pay as you go phone or something rather than be stuck in an expensive contract for the same thing.  I'm sorry, I appreciate your video & honestly I was hoping you had ANOTHER idea of a solution but unfortuately i've done it all & like the boy in the comments, I am still going over my data monthly.  Happy Holidays!