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iPhone 5c problem with charger

So the charging unit that came with my phone, legitimately in that plastic iPhone 5c case w/ the iPhone, will not charge my phone but rather prompt this message: "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this phone."

If I ignore it, and leave my phone connected to its charger, the battery will lose all charge over time.

My main problem starts here though, last week, I brought my charger to the verizon store to replace it, but when I got there, it was charging w/o any problems. So I brought it home again and it worked until now, a week later. The same message is popping up and it won't charge.

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Re: iPhone 5c problem with charger
Customer Support

That is a problem for sure! We need to make sure you are able to charge your device without flaw. You would need a new charger. Is there any damage to your charger? Have you tried using that charger with another phone to rule out any phone issue?

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