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iPhone 5s horrible cellular service

Ive been w/ verizon since the white iPhone 4 was offered, it's was my att escape. I've had every model of iPhone offered w/ verizon (4,4s,5,5s). My iPhones have worked fine with great service until 11/13. At the time I had an iPhone 5 and suddenly the service in my area went to garbage. specifically I was hardly on LTE anymore, and during calls it would cut out and say in a female voice "all circuits are busy" followed by a disconnect. This started persisting more and more frequently, figured it might be the device. So in feb of 14 I upgraded to a 5s. The problem has persisted and is becoming a real issue. I've restored my phone, swapped out SIM cards twice and replaced the device already at the apple store. Verizon has created trouble tickets and now their stating my coverage area is "fair". I'm in metro Detroit, how do I have fair coverage??? I've had stellar coverage for years and I'm surrounded by towers?!?! I've probably spend 25+ hours on the phone with verizon tech support and apple attempting to remedy the problem (honestly no exaggeration). Verizon has let me out of my contract, but I don't want to go anywhere, I'm a loyal and until recent a happy customer. Something has drastically changed in my area but no one can identify the issue. in my are I can no longer talk and send text messages simultaneously, not iMessage, but texts... what's going on?!?! I won't go back to AT&T, and the other carriers are a joke. Now I'm missing calls completely and I get voice mail 12+ hours later, but when they appear they show the original time stamp (if you leave a VM at 8am but it doesn't show until 7pm it will show the 8am time stamp). I'm loyal but I can only stand for so much. ever since LTE my cellular coverage has diminished. Even if I turn LTE off on the device it doesn't remedy anything. any input would be appreciated. if verizon sees this message my zip is 48186

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