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iPhone Shipping Questions

there is alot of info being passed around on this page so i figured i would just start a new thread and ask my questions here:

First off...the facts:

1. I ordered 2 iPhone 5's at my local Verizon corporate store.

2. I recieved my confirmation of order email at 10:46am CST on 9/14

3. As of 5 min ago no payment had been taken out of my account and no shipping confirmation email has been sent

4. My expected delivery date on my confirmation email is 9/26, the verizon order status page says 9/26 SHIP date.

5. Verizon's order status page has said the same thing for 6 days: "We received your order and it is in process."

So, the questions:

1. When do you think i should expect to recieve confirmation of my phones shipping

2. Is there a chance Verizon has lost/cancelled/misplaced my order

3. If the above isnt true, what method of shipping will they employ when they do ship the phones?

4. What is the airspeed velocity of an unlaiden swallow?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: iPhone Shipping Questions

You should receive your phone on 9/26. With the orders that are expected delivery date of 9/21, most of them say ship 9/21..mine actually said ship 9/28 but when i called Verizon they said that sometimes the dates are off and you should go by 1) when your card is charged and 2) by when the order confirmations delivery by date is. I ordered within the first hour that orders could go through EST and received my confirmation shortly after; however, my card was just charged last night and i have received shipping. I was told by multiple verizon reps that if there was a problem you would have been notified. When you will receive shipping confirmation is up in the air. I've heard anywhere from 12 hours after your card is charged to the next day to not receiving it at all yet.

Keep checking the pre-order and order status pages, as well as your card statements. They wont charge your card until your phone ships. Orders are being either 2-day or overnight shipped through FedEx. If you have more questions and dont feel like calling verizon directly I highly recommend using Twitter and tweeting them at @VZWSupport they answer fairly quickly and sometimes even call you to confirm everything.

Hope this helps!

Re: iPhone Shipping Questions

Thanks alot! I appreciate the response.