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iphone 5 just re-starts on it's own

When I'm using my phone the screen gets all funky with colors and re-starts on its own. Just wandering if the phone is starting to go out! It works fine afterwards but I have noticed lately that I have to power off at least once a day for this not to occur. Is my phone on its way out? or is it normal? It hasn't gotten wet, and I haven't dropped it, but it has been very cold lately. Does that effect it?

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Re: iphone 5 just re-starts on it's own

Which version is the iOS on your iPhone 5? It might caused by the unstable functions.

Re: iphone 5 just re-starts on it's own
Customer Support

Hi Choque,

I am sorry to hear about the problems with your phone.  This is not a common problem. I would check for any updates by going to Settings, General and Software Update. If this does not work, please let us know.  You are covered under the manufacturer warrantly and get you out a different device.

Bobby S
VZW Support
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