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iphone 5c overage

So I had the 4s until last October and upgraded to the 5c.  Since then, I have watched my data usage skyrocket and I am now up to 15gb of data for my single line.  I have called Verizion several times to question it, and they finally did an analysis on the line only to tell me some mystery thing is running six hours a day.  I have wi-fi at home, school and work.  I started turning off the cellular data when I was on wifi just to see what would happen and within five minutes of turning the cellular data back on, while still on wi-f the usage goes up.  Now if Im on wi-fi my cellular data sholdnt be moving at all.  This is an issue that VEriszion needs to deal with and I will be contacting them today, because they need to explain why their network is charging me for usage when connected to a wifi network.  I have all but turned off every feature on the phone and the data usage continues to rise.  Sprints service is nowhere near as good, but I will switch if it means saving 120+ a month in charges.

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Re: iphone 5c overage

I am so glad to see yours and others posts about overage on data for the I phone 5c.  My husband and I never went over in data even when we added our daughter last year with the Iphone 4 we did not go over but as soon as she got the 5c this year we are over almost every month.  I look at the usage and the majority of it is on her line and at times when we are all sleep like 3 and 4 am.  Verizon really needs to do something to take care of this issue and soon.

Re: iphone 5c overage

About three to six days ago I read a post titled "iPhone 5c Data Usage Issue - Possible Fix". It told about that Apple has released an Update to address this issue with the iPhone 5c. It seem to have help cut back on the data usage by my wife's phone. I have also read about an App called "My Data Manager", which have features to help control and identify data usage leaks. Plus I read about a "data compression app" called "Onavo Extend", which can reduce your data usage, depending upon your settings within this app.