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very poor customer service!

My wife and I have just switched from AT&T Wireless to Verizon as we will be spending the next year in an area of California that only Verizon covers!

After being with the same company for about 15yrs (ATT&T Wireless was called Cingular before 2005 ) I have to say my 1st experience with Verizon's customer service today was appalling!! I spoke with the 1st person who I had pass me on to a Supervisor and after hitting a brick wall with her another Manager and the attitude was terrible!! really terrible!!

When we went into the store and made the "switch" (2 x iphone 5's, share everything deal 6gb data etc, we had the sales person write down on a piece of paper everything that we would pay, But, when we got the bill there was 2 x $35 activation fee's ($70 total) and even though as all 3 (so called) "customer" service reps kept on reminding me "it is on the paperwork that you signed sir!" (in a very arrogant tone I might add) they failed to understand the very 1st thing about Customer Service and TWO of them where Managers!!!!

I'm not disputing that I signed a contract and that somewhere in that contract it states that we have to pay two $35 activation fee's but the fact that they where totally dismissive about what we had been told & what the Sales person had written down by just saying "well, I wasn't there so I don't know what was "actually" said" Basically this is the same as saying my wife and me where "lying" or they just didn't believe us!!!!!

I deal with clients all the time as my wife does in her business and the 1st rule of thumb in Customer Service "101", "keep the client happy" and even if you can't, never be arrogant or insulting and never,EVER say "well sir I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do for you" because you can bet your life if that was a Sales person trying to get you to sign up with them they would be bending over backwards to make it work. If you can't help in one area help in another "I'm afraid we can't waive those fee's sir but what I will do is put a $50 credit in your account as I understand that you where misled and we value you as a customer" Always compromise and grease the wheel, thats the way business is done!!

In all the years with AT&T whenever we had a billing issue they would (within reason) take the disputed amount off our bill or throw us a bone in another way to keep us happy as customers!!

1st impressions at Verizon is they have NO IDEA what Customer Service is!!!

A very disgruntled NEW Verizon customer!!

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Re: very poor customer service!
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please remember I am a customer just like you. Now having said that why do you think you should have two activation fees waived because you had the sales person tell you that you would have to pay them?

by reading your account of what transpired I have the impression that because you called verizon and did not like the fees they should throw you "A Bone" and remove the two fees of $35 each line.

In this case I would say no that isn't going to happen and you knew the prices when you signed up for service.

There is no entitlement feature when you buy service, verizon would have to give that same bone to others that call and say they shouldn't pay the activation fee. which is not going to happen.

if you had a legitimate over charge or a double charge than I would say you are in the right. but not in this case.

And the customer is not always right, customers will lie, they will cry, they will make up any excuse they can to have any company give them what they ask. That is no way to keep a customer happy. its fraud and deceit against a business.