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6s order has been cancelled for Fraud Protection

I placed my order on exactly 9/12 12AM PDT for an iPhone 6s at full price(Well, Verizon always does a credit check even you pay the full price, I take it.), I got an email confirmation later told me the the order number, and expected shipping date (9/25).

Then nothing happened in the following days, until this morning, I got an email told me that my order has been canceled, no explanation in the email.

I called first thing in the morning, after giving my order number, and representative checked for a few minutes, she told me that it's fraud protection, my shipping address cannot be delivered, well, it's same as my billing address, and I have received hundreds of online orders from various sellers at this address for years.

Unfortunately, nothing they can do right now except for placing another order, of course, run another credit check, wait for a few weeks since it's a hot product.

I saw it happened before: My iPhone 6 Pre-order was cancelled without reason

I placed another order at T-Mobile since I have another line there, and I received one phone call, and multiple messages in the following days to confirm my order and email me the contract, and assure my order is secured; comparing with Verizon, I don't know what to say..well, I guess better coverage means you don't worry about source of customers.

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Re: 6s order has been cancelled for Fraud Protection

Really mad when got cancelled order this morning, now I calm down a little bit.

I'd say, as doing business, usually trying to make customer satisfaction as high as possible, like 99.9% great. However, for each customer, it's either YES or No, especially for this time sensitive orders. You really should improve your service, even the address is incorrect, why not calling or emailing to make sure if it's not just a typo. I don't know, maybe you have more customers than you can handle at this moment, or your fraud protection algorithm works really great that never made a mistake before. From my case and the link above, it's not.