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Battery life issues

I bought a new iPhone 6 (16 GB) yesterday from Verizon, and its battery life is far below what it should be. This morning, I used 33% of its battery life by reading iBooks for an hour on airplane mode.

What's going on? Did I just get a lemon?


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Re: Battery life issues
Customer Support

Hello mic_wyatt! Congratulations on the purchase of your iPhone 6. I can see  you have some concerns over the device's ability to hold a charge. I can certainly appreciate such concerns, as the device I just replaced had a problem of that nature. No, I'm not prepared to say that your device is malfunctioning because an hour's constant use can absorb 33% of the battery strength on quite a few different devices (not just an iPhone 6).

Although your device is in Airplane Mode, your screenshot shows the device is also connected to WiFi (or has WiFi actively searching). In order to truly test the battery's life, I recommend you disable WiFi as well. If you're still not happy with the performance, you have up to 14 days from the date of purchase to exchange it for a new model.

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