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Can't enable pinpoint location on new 6s

Just purchased an iPhone 6s for both of my daughters.  My wife and I have Android phones, and we want to share our locations with each other using Google+.  We've enabled Location Sharing for our Family circle on all 4 phones.  Both of the Android phones and one of the iPhones show up as expected, and are updated through the day.  However, one of the iPhones won't behave.  At first, it would not show up in Google+ at all.  We compared it to the other iPhone and it seems to have the identical setup.  Sometimes we can eventually get it to show up in Google +, but only at the "Area" level, not the Pinpoint Location like the other three phones. Also, that fourth iPhone won't update during the day and eventually falls off the map due to inactivity.

Two things that might be impacting this:

1. To enable Location Sharing on the iPhone, we're supposed to open the menu, select Locations, tap the gear icon, and tap “Settings.” Tap “Location sharing” and enable it. Tap “Edit” next to “Pinpoint Location,” choose the people (or circles) you want to share your location with, and tap “Done.”  However, when we do this, there is no "Edit" option next to Pinpoint Location; only a question mark that gives a description.  There doesn't seem to be any to actually enable it.

2. The iPhone that is misbehaving is my daughter's second - she migrated from an older phone (3 I think?) to the new 6s.  The iPhone that is working correctly is that daughter's first iPhone, so it was a new account/setup.  Could there be some setting related to the Apple account, not the phone itself, that could be preventing this?

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Re: Can't enable pinpoint location on new 6s

Try restoring the iPhone to factory and setting it up as new. Then test it to see if it works correctly. If it does there may be something in her backup that's causing the issue.