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Credit card problem led to Verizon cancelling my order without my authorization and a 2 week delay in getting my phone

Ordered iPhone 6 64GB SG on 10/12 for 11/7 ship by date.  Yesterday on 11/7, went to check order status since I had not received any information.  It said "Payment not taken" and expected ship date "Not available at this time.". So I called in to check if my credit card had any problems; I moved in the weeks while waiting so I had a feeling it was due to the billing address.  Called in and went through the run around with several different people.  Finally got someone who confirmed there was a credit card problem.  I asked if he could re run my credit card (or another credit card) which he said he could not do.  He said all he could do is process another order for an 11/21 ship by date (what!).  Couldn't even give me my original ship date.  I knew better due to people on the macrumors forum saying that Verizon could definitely redo credit cards and ship it out the next day so I pushed him and he agreed to connect me to someone else who could do it.  This guy tried looking up my order and couldn't even find it.  So I hung up frustrated and decided to call back in a bit.  I happen to check my email and there is an email saying my order is cancelled.  I call back and they apologize and say all they can do is reorder for the 11/21 ship by date.  Go through another couple of people and end up just reordering it for 11/21 not knowing what else to do... and they offered me nothing as compensation for their screw up.  Also of note is that I am trying to be a new Verizon customer... this is a terrible first impression.  We'll see how I feel in the next 2 weeks about joining Verizon... Just wanted to post this for others to beware of customer service if you have a credit card problem with your order.

Summary: Credit card declined due to wrong billing address, Verizon refused to help me fix it when they have done it for other customers, Verizon cancelled my order without my authorization and now I have to wait for another 2 weeks with no compensation.

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Re: Credit card problem led to Verizon cancelling my order without my authorization and a 2 week delay in getting my phone
Sr. Leader

Big ticket items no matter what carrier you'll have the same issues. With the out of orders happening to contact every customer is a pain staking effort for any company. If the demand wasn't so high then it would be plausible.