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Data Spike on iPhone 6s replacement unit

This is really really a HUGE problem, phone issue or security issue !! Something really weird going on...We have had this replacement unit for about a week or so.

1. All of a sudden, got notice of high data usage on one of my lines, 13.17 gig (66%) used. iPhone would be on WiFi at home, therefore not using data at all. This is totally unheard of as we have never even gone close to using our data. Note that this is a replacement phone we just got a few-three weeks ago. I called custom service. Trouble-shooted all different settings in the iPhone, (there were no settings that needed "adjustment") with Tech Support, Also, no iCloud backups were going on as we verified that as well. Was told the data starting going up around 3 something in the morning. She suggested a Factory reset of the unit (which I did using iTunes) and set up as new phone. No iCloud apps installed. Actually, No apps at all installed. ONLY one email account.

2. Called customer service again yesterday, as data went up again, now 16.02 gb (81%). Again, iPhone would be on WiFi therefore not using data at all. Data also doesn't need to be off in order for Wifi to take over. Customer service suggested to shut off data, so around 09:30 AM 03/21/17 it was off.

3. Looked at data again this morning... now 17.32 gigs used.  How is it possible that the data can go from around 16.02 --> 17.32 with the data turned off?? Logically, This makes no sense whatsoever!!

Now I am really worried that something SERIOUS is going on. Obviously we can't use data if the data was turned off in the phone.

What on earth can be going on here????

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Re: Data Spike on iPhone 6s replacement unit
Customer Support

Thank you so much for reaching out to us furrelkt as I know a situation like this can be very alarming. When checking your data usage online there we recommend checking the time in which the usage total was updated to. There is a delay in when the total is reported and view able on our website. This is because the network is constantly calculating the totals of usage on your account. This is possible even when you turn the data completely off. To use an example if you turned your data off at 6PM yet your usage total shows that it hasn't been updated since 1PM then the usage totals will continue to update for services used from 1PM until 6PM. Have you had any issues with your device losing the WiFi connection on the iPhone 6s?


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