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Deleted Message Folder ha disappered

When I delete voicemails by swiping, they reappear in my VM list.  If I open them and then delete they are gone, but no Deleted Messages folder appears at the bottom so that I can go in and clear them. Consequently, my voice mailbox is full and no one can leave a message. I have rebooted the phone, updated carrier network and have latest IOS 12.4.7. They go away but no Deleted Messages folder appears so that I can clear them! This is a business phone and customers cannot leave messages!

Re: Deleted Message Folder ha disappered
Customer Support


We want to make sure that you don't miss any important voicemail messages. Visual Voicemail requires a data connection to our network. Is your device currently connected to Wi-Fi? If so, please disable it in Settings>Wi-Fi OFF. This will enable your device to connect to our cellular network. Are you able to browse the internet on your device with no issues while connected to our cellular network?