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Don't do device Trade-in ONLINE

So I traded my wife's phone in for a new IPhone 6.  I thought you cant beat getting $200 for a used IPhone 4s. So I ordered the phone and started my trade-in online.  I received the mailer but waited until I actually received the IPhone 6 to deactivate my wife's phone since she would have been without a phone otherwise.  I used the "Erase all content and settings" from the IPhone 4s after backing up the phone.  Then after the phone had been wiped I placed it into the Green bag and into the brown pouch that was sent to me.

Long Story short, After waiting 3 weeks I was finally sent my gift card for $36!?!?  The reason stated was "activation lock not deactivated" which I know is bogus since I wiped the phone right before I sent it out which when done from the iPhone settings turns-off activation lock.  I even turned off "find my iPhone" before wiping even though it is not required.  I wish it was true because then maybe I would have some way to get back at the jerks for giving me only $36 for a perfectly good working iPhone 4s. When It had a "promotional value" of $200.

Learn from my mistakes and don't send your phone in from an online submission, because all you do is submit to whatever they decide to give you.

-Hatin It.

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Re: Don't do device Trade-in ONLINE

I feel your pain.

I had a 5S / 16gb / att phone that Verizon offered me $300 through their online trade-in. I thought great deal!

But after multiple posts in this group about customers getting much less through this program, phones received that Verizon said were cracked/broken (probably due to the flimsy envelope they send for you to use), and the Verizon "non-return" policy, I decided to not send mine in and I listed it on eBay last night.

I took multiple high res pictures, wrote a very good description, removed iCloud, Find my Phone, and reset / erased all settings. My description was very clear in that the phone was flawless-near mint - no scratches/scrapes/dings, and that the phone would only work with AT&T.

I listed it for a 7 day auction with a Buy Now price of $370.

When I got up this morning and it had sold for $370 and the money was already in my PayPal account. I boxed and shipped and it is now on its way to the Buyer.

My only regret is that since it was snapped up in 5 hours, I should have had a higher Buy Now price.

So now instead of waiting for a month for Verizon to ultimately give me a $50-100 gift card (even though the original offer was $300), I can use the eBay money and get my iPhone 6 Plus 64mb Space Grey for a net balance of $30.

Of course, who knows when I will get my Plus. Ordered on 9/20 and still waiting for my order status to give me a tracking number.

I am thinking that if I keep checking my order status 7-8 times a day, it will speed it up......YEA RIGHT!