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Hotspot quit working

To begin with, I am a prepaid customer with an iPhone 6 that has been with Verizon for well over a year now.  My plan does include Personal Hotspot that has not worked for at least the last two months.  I only use the hotspot when my home's WiFi stops working and fortunately it's been pretty reliable.  Sometime at the end of Nov 2020 my home internet service was interrupted due to an outage of some type.  Of course, this prompted me to turn on my iPhone's Personal Hotspot to continue streaming.  It didn't work.  The indicator on my iPhone waon, was recognized by my devices, but was "unable to connect to network".  I managed to make it through that day and started to periodically check the hotspot functionality over the coming weeks.

At some point I decided to contact Verizon to fix this problem.  It's been over two months now and it still doesn't work.  Even though I have rarely used the hotspot and usually use a small fraction of my data allowance, I pay for it and expect it to work when I need it.  To that end, and over the past couple of months, without  exaggeration, I have spent tens of hours, on literally dozens of calls to Verizon's customer service/techinical support department.  Does anyone know what type of qualifications the persons that answer the *611 number have?  Although some of them seem competent and well meaning, its been my experience that the vast majority of them know little more than is written on a checklist.  I cannot begin to tell you the number of times my phone has been re-booted since this process began in early December.  I simply don't understand why an unresolved problem, that probably has page upon page of notes associated with it, isn't referred to the next level troubleshooter.  In my case alone, the absence of that option has again cost a ridiculous number of my personal hours and cumulatively Verizon employee hours.  Simply doesn't make sense.

A "ticket" which ls a Verizon reference for what I think is commonly referred to as a "work order" was supposed to have been generated on Dec 9th of last year.  It's not clear if that really happened because I never received any follow up or updates.  I know that follow up and updates are generated by these "tickets" because one was legitimately generated a few days ago.  After which I have received daily updates via text message and a conclusion this morning about my WiFi telephone service problem.  What are they talking about?

I have absolutely no clue how my Personal Hotspot problem became a WiFi calling problem.  I don't now and never have had a WiFi telephone service problem.  In fact, I have never made a WiFi telephone call.  Unlike the Hotspot, my Verizon telephone service works just fine, its been excellent.

In conclusion, I have been offered fair compensation to remain with Verizon.  What I can't seem to reconcile is the fact that there appears to be some disincentive for the frontline representatives to resolve difficult issues.  One of the representatives I spoke with thanked me for my patience.  I clarified (we were chatting) by stating that it has not been patience, it's been tenacity.  Sadly, because of the pandemic, I have had plenty of spare time to troubleshoot, listen and interact with Verizon's call menu, and remain "on hold".  I should also mention to return unintentional "dropped" calls, that seem remarkably like intentional "hang ups".  Frankly I am at wits end.  In preparation to move to another provider at the end of this service period, I have stopped my Autopay and "unlocked" my iPhone.  Even though I hate to go, I can't seem to get through to anyone empowered to do anything about the problem that extends well beyond my Hotspot issue.