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How long does the iPhone 6s last?

It does not make sense to me that I should need to change a $600 phone to an update after the 2 year contract.  How long will the iPhone 6s last if I don't update?

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Re: How long does the iPhone 6s last?
Sr. Member

How long a particular mobile device lasts depends upon various factors. For example, how well is the unit treated. Phones that are dropped onto hard surfaces, subjected to water and so forth will, likely, not last as long as one that is cared for.

While small there is always the possibility that a problem with the internal electronics could develop, more than likely, the battery will weaken and need to be replaced. As OS's evolve, older processors may have a hard time keeping up. OS updates to Android devices tend to end sooner than updates to iOS devices.

I still have a Samsung Galaxy S4, and an HTC Incredible 2. The S4 dates back to 2012 and the HTC goes back even further. Both are fully functional, but, are beyond getting any updates from their respective manufacturers.

My current smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Re: How long does the iPhone 6s last?
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  Hi ANDHAY24, I have two iPhones 6s plus 128 GB that are over 2 years old and never had a problem with them, so you should be fine. Apple puts out a good product.

  Your main concern should be the carrier Verizon and how they roll back when your payment is due.

Re: How long does the iPhone 6s last?
Customer Support

ANDHAY24, we are happy to say that there is no magic number on how long a phone will last. For most, this will simply depend on the physical condition of the phone. Many customers keep the same phone for many years. There are some that still have the old bag phones. Were you having any issues with your current device?

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Re: How long does the iPhone 6s last?

What are you talking about with payment due here? If you are talking about the due date changes to when you are required to pay your bill, there are enough threads that deal with topic. Please, don't clog up other topics for that.

It was stated in a a previous post that the phone should last beyond 2 years if it is cared for properly. Nobody ever stated that there was a rule that you had to upgrade at the end of your contract. It used to be the norm since phones were sold at a "discount" in exchange for a 2 year service agreement. Remember when you thought you were paying $200 for a phone or getting it for free?

At this point it is in the hands of manufacturers. Personally, I don't think that devices are outdated after 2 years but manufacturers generally stop sending updates around this time. I think OS updates can happen for about 4 years.