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I am very unhappy with iphone 6 colors, all black was always classic true?

One reason I am holding off on ordering the iphone, or the plus, is because the color choice is limited, very limited. I like a black bezel, I also like a black back. For years this was the cool, elegant, sexy color. You never go wrong with black. The color choices available to me are very limited, I dislike them all. I do NOT want a white bezel. This leaves only the dove gray, which is drab, really drab. Ugly to me. Steve Jobs being a minimalist, I am almost positive he would have brought out an all black model. Alll the phones from iiphone 4 through the iPhone 5 variations offered black. i own the simple iphone 4 in black it is sleek and sharp. I love technology, I have two laptops, all linked by wifi, used to have two cellphone and a blackberry. I have fiendss

who own the iphon5 in black  and don't want to give it up simply because of color.

The 4 and 5 both came out in variations< s and s and c.  I have an unlimited data plan hich I will keep and pay retail for the phone. Sure people have rushed to buy the gold, flashy but not cool. Silver, meh. Like tthe  3G I believe was metal.

I have an 11" macbook air, which can be moved anyway iin my home very easily. Yes it is'nt a phone,but can surf and accesses eveyrthing else I need.  the phablet, which I would consider getting, is an ipad without the computing ability. But isnt a phone a phone?

I keep thinking Apple will being out a variation on the iphone 6, they have consistently .It may seem trivial to some, but its surprising how many people express unhappiness withe colors and lack of black. And  also knowing Apple it tweaks, and there may be a 6s . A bendable flexible phone is somewhere in the future. But in the short run, a tweak. I am keeping my iphone for now. Maybe buy a used 5. Just my opinion but I bet is shared by many. Excuse typos.


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