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I had no issues ordering iPhone 6 Plus and Verizon only moved up my ship date

I've seen a lot of posts on the discussion forum about delays and changed shipping dates for the iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders.  I didn't get right in as the website went live, but ordered after I ate breakfast on the pre-order launch date around 6:45 a.m.  An email confirmation came back later that date with an expected ship date of 10/7/14; which happened to be the same expected ship date on the website as I was choosing which model iPhone I wanted (iPhone 6 Plus 128Gb Gold).  Used the pre-order number in the email to check the status and, sure enough, the pre-order status said the expected ship date was still 10/7/14 as promised.  A few days later, hoping when recalculations of stock were done, I checked order status again and lo and behold the new ship date is 4 days earlier than the quoted expected ship date - new date is 10/3/14.

I don't see any reason why the phone won't get here some time in early October and just wanted to post this so there's at least one mention of how everything went correctly and I have to give kudos to Verizon Wireless for taking a huge launch and making it work.

I'm sure others have had problems, probably due to order system overload at midnight.  Take a hint from Baloo the Bear - "Relax, the bare necessities (including your iPhone 6 Plus) will come to you."

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