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*** Infuriating and utterly-maddening non-stop call failure, dropped calls working on my last nerve ***

Verizon is about to lose a long term customer, and it not due to switching carriers, it is due to the fact that my anger levels peaked to the highest levels in 20 years, causing me to have a full-on meltdown, in which I was honestly surprised that I did not have an aneurism, stroke or heart attack as a result.

Yes, I have problem. I recognize that "no reasonable adult" should get this upset when their important telephone calls keep dropping repeatedly, during important conversations with important people about important things, and that yes, like everyone else, I "should" have infinite-patience. Like a lot of folks, I fall short. Fortunately, I was by-myself, so no one was forced to endure my emotional fireworks display.

I would gladly pay more money, or gift Verizon some money - or any carrier - if I could be granted the privilege of having telephone call/talk service for the stretch of Colorado Highway 83, from Elizabeth/Franktown into Colorado Springs, and also on Colorado Highway 86 from Elizabeth to Castle Rock.

In the past, and today, the drop zones / dead zones pop-up and disappear at random. Today's dead-spots / drop zones were between mile markers 37 and 36 and 33 and 32. Previous dead spots have been at the El Paso / Douglas County line. Other dead spots are Highway 86 at Tanglewood and on the East Side of the Bluff on Highway 86 approaching Founder's Parkway heading West. 

I am at a loss. I am not aware of a website, specific telephone number, or other communication vehicle in which I can report these kinds of outages and be a proactive team member with Verizon to work together to resolve this issues. I admit that I should not have allowed 10 years of building frustration to result in today's private episode, under the premise that Verizon would just simply fix things on their own. 

As I calm down as I am writing this, I beg, hope to inspire, cry, feverishly yearn and utterly plead for the love of God, Buddha, Muhammad, or whoever - that I may be bestowed some relief so that, in conjunction with Verizon finding some mercy with fixing some constant call dropping issues on these stretches of roadway, that I do not continue to put my own health at risk, or the other drivers on the road. 

Again, I know this his is my problem. But I know that I am not alone, in which other folks certainly have experience intense frustration when, right in the middle of an important statement during an important conversation, in which sometimes I cannot control the timing or place in which some of these telephone calls are received, that the call is dropped, and I am faced with reconstructing my words, for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th time, over and over in-between call drops and call failures. If this is not maddening to you too, and if this does not drive you to the brink on insanity too, then I bless those who are stellur at managing their own self-control, 100% of the time, with being the inspiration of who I aspire to be. You are a better person that I am, and while I often fail at controlling myself, Verizon could certainly be of great assistance if their service would live up to the standard consistent with their claims of having a superior network and call coverage, which is why I am a Verizon customer, why I left Sprint after 30 years, and why I am again questioning if I should remain a Verizon customer - not to be hurtful, mean, vindictive - but because I am a weakened man, due to years of frustration, and I do not want my enduring-sadness of constant dropped call be the straw that breaks this Camel's back, due to the next enragement that result in me having an aneurism, stroke, heart attack as a result of another maddening call drop - and my own demise having the potential to cause a traffic highway accident pileup when I croak while driving and lose control of my vehicle, resulting in massive roadway carnage. 

I will make a deal with Verizon - I will work on my own anger-issues stemming from the constant stream of dropped calls along Highway 83 and 86, if in exchange I can be granted some folks to come to these stretches of roadway and install more cell phone towers along the road, fix the ones that are broken, and restore service so I can once again be proud to be a Verizon customer, and that everyone can rest assured that the roadways will be this much safer. 

Please fix the coverage-gaps on Highway 83 and Highway 86, in Colorado, between Denver and Colorado Springs. Thank you for reading. Sincerely, Mark