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Iphone 6 pre-order help

Any thoughts on what do to do about the following scenario?:

10/06/14: "pre-order" iPhone 6 and 6+ in 64gb and 16gb respectively as well as cases and accessories, etc. at local Verizon store with

                 expected ship date 11/14/14. Note: also informed my bank card would not be charged for the accessories until shipment.

10/30/14: go back to Verizon store and change order to up both phones to 128gb with new ship date 11/21/14.

week of 11/21/14: order pushed back to 12/12/14 (found this out on website, no email received from Verizon stating this).

12/04/14: call "customer care" to check on order due to no activity on order status on myverizon only to find out that the order was cancelled.

                Representative didn't know why, and offered to place a new order over the phone but the shipment would now be 12/19/14 (which

                I thought was pretty generous considering I did not want it cancelled in the first place, nor did I even know it was cancelled

                until I called for myself).

12/04/14 (later that day): go to Verizon store to see if I could get more information on why my order was cancelled unbeknownst to me. Employee

                looks into it and states that "the order has not been cancelled, I don't know why you were told that but it's not cancelled."  Informed

                employee that I re-ordered the phones over the phone with "customer care" prior to coming down here and asked if that's what he was

                seeing. Replies: "I see the order, it was cancelled due to supply, but has the same shipment date (12/19/14), don't worry it wasn't

                cancelled you'll get your phones just hang in there." So basically I was informed that I have an order with the same shipping date

                (which I already knew because I had to re-order but yet the answer to my question was seemingly that was and was not cancelled). Hm.

12/12/14: receive an email with instructions on how to back-up our devices while we are "eagerly waiting for our phones." Looking good so far.

12/15/14: my bank card is charged for the accessories and there is new documents in myverizon detailing the equipment purchases. Looking great now.

12/16/14: receive an email stating the order for the 6+ has been cancelled. Immediately call "customer care" and rep says she sees it was cancelled and

                does not know why. She asks if I'll hold while she looks into it. 30 minutes later a different person comes on the line, and has no idea who I am, or

                that I've been holding for 30 minutes while someone was "helping me", so I explain why I'm calling and that someone was supposedly helping me,

                he says he will transfer me to "customer care" and then click, the line goes dead, awesome.

12/16/14(later that day): once again I venture to the Verizon store to find out what is going on.  Different employee this time, but story is the same.  He tells

               me that the 6+ was cancelled but can not tell me why.  He also states that it says there is a pending order for this particular line so he can't place any

               orders. This was apparently as quixotic to me as him, thus leading him to consult abother employee.  Employee "2" was initially adamit that the order

               was cancelled but when employee "1" showed her that the upgrade status said pending order, she said the "system" takes 24-72 hours to "catch up."

              (Keep in mind that when the first round of phantom cancellations occurred I was able to re-order that same day, in fact probably within a matter of

               hours. whatever.) So I brought up the fact that my bank card was charged for the accessories the day before, and employee "1" says (in affirmation

               of what I was told during the very first order in October) that charges are only made when the order is ready to ship. So with that tidbit of info they

               came to the conclusion that I'll have to wait until 12/19/14 or that following Monday to see if I have a phone or not because at this point "anything

               with a pending status can not be accessed and calling 'customer care' won't be of any help because they will not be able to do anything either."

              So I do the only thing I'm able to at that point, leave. Note: I was generously given the option of returning the accessories for the 6+ should i find

              out that my phone does not arrive on the 19th or following Monday. (this was a huge relief because I was worried I might be stuck with a case and

              screen protector for a phone I'd never get.)

12/16/14(even later that day): despite being told that doing so would be futile, I call "customer care". Explained the entire story thus far and expressed my

               disappointment. The rep was understanding.  She told me that the order for the 6+ has been cancelled but can not explain why.  I asked about the

               charges to my bank card, she says (in contradiction to what I've been told all along) that sometimes the cases/accessories will come before phones

                are ready to ship. Hmm. She also says the order for the other line (iPhone 6) will "definitely be coming on the19th still." This is interesting because I

                have not received any shipping confirmation email (though to be fair I also never got them for the first round of cancellations either.) She further

                explains that she can not do anything about the 6+ order because the system has not "caught up with the cancellation" (ok, heard that earlier

                but still does not make sense seeing as I was able to re-order before) and advises that she would be able to give me a call back Sunday morning

                (12/21/12) to process the 6+ order again (again). So, I agreed as its either that or not get the phone (although if I don't get the phone I can

                still return the accessories for it at the Verizon store thankfully.)

12/17/14: receive email notification that the order for the iPhone 6 has, you probably can guess it, but nonetheless, been cancelled. So what do I do you ask?

                The answer is simple, nothing. Going to the store would be a waste of time and gas, and calling "customer care" would be a waste of time and my

                plans (albeit unlimited) minutes. So I decide to wait until Sunday, for the rep to "supposedly" call me back, so I can re-order what will now probably

                both phones only to be told the expected shipment dates are now January 2015, even though it will probably be fruitless because they will be,

                as history has foretold, cancelled within a week or two. But holding onto a sliver of hope because the rep said the one line (iphone 6) will

                "definitely be coming 12/19/14".

12/19/14: no iphone 6+ (no surprise). No iPhone 6 (a little surprised only because it was "definitely coming", but it's a very little). Still have the charge to

               my bank card for the accessories, no accessories though (still, not really surprised) but at least I'll be able to return the accessories I don't have

               for the phones we'll never get, so that's a plus I guess. No shipping confirmation, though I don't know why I'd hope for one seeing as the orders

               were cancelled. Again. (But at least I got an email this time.)

So I need help.  We love Apple stuff and we want the new iPhones, but by the time we'd get them from Verizon our trade-ins will probably be too old for

the Edge program or the iphone 6S or 7 will be out. We have a family shared plan with 6 lines and moving to another carrier would be a pain (although

probably easier than what we've been through thus far with Verizon.) Ive heard ordering through Apple is the best route but you can't set up the Edge through them so that's out. I call the store every Friday (which I've been told is when they receive their order) but they never have the phones in, so that's also seemingly out. So I guess my question is does anyone know how to order the new iPhones on the Edge program and actually get them In a reasonable time? Otherwise I think we'll probably take our 15 year old account elsewhere. Thanks to anyone who reads/helps with this and sorry for the rant, I'm a little disheartened.

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Re: Iphone 6 pre-order help

***Update: the rep that said she'd call me back, well, she didn't.  Also, someone with a Verizon avatar and a "_VZW" in their name replied to this saying he would be willing to give me the "status" of my order, so I responded (even though I don't want the status as much as I'd like our phones), twice, and nothing back from him either. So, today our bill has the charges for our new phones on them. Yet we don't have our phones, nor is there anything leading me to believe that we will ever get them. Lol. Verizon has disappointed me in the past 2 months and I think I've been more than patient with them.