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Iphone 6 ship dates do not mean a thing. Do not get too excited!!

I ordered the Iphone 6 on 9/15/2014. I have been already charged the amount due on my cc, and have since received 3 shipping dates, that as of today have already past. First ship date of 10/7/2014 on my original agreement, 2nd ship date of 10/3/2014 which shows on Verizon Wireless online order, and 10/8/2014 which was emailed to me by Verizon on 10/7/2014.

As of yet no tracking number, no shipping information. I was on the phone last night for 56 minutes and 14 seconds. The first gal I spoke with said that she had the tracking info and was calling Fed ex to see where the phone was, she put me on hold because she wrote down the incorrect tracking information as it was not pulling up with FedEx. She than must have either on purpose or not, transferred me another department, where I had to for the umpteenth time explain why I was calling. Customer Rep #2 said there was no tracking information at all and to call back again today. I'm beyond grumpy. And I swear to Bob , if I get that same message everyone else is getting about How excited everyone is to get  a new device, and its a high demand product and to check back on the order as it can be updated from time to time. I will seriously consider going to Cricket phones.

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