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Moving photos to new albums

I want to move my 1200 photos to albums for specific things. But when I move one to the album I want it to be, it doesn't actually move the picture. It copies it to the album I select but leaves the picture behind. I tried to delete it from the album it was moved from but got a warning that deleting from one place will delete it everywhere. Other albums, the cloud and anywhere else I have it. Is this right?  I must have misunderstood something.  Could someone please tell me how to do what I am trying to do.

Thank you

Barb M

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Re: Moving photos to new albums
Sr. Member

   Barb M, yes it seems to copy the picture to the New Album with the iPhone 6s

If you have a picture in Camera Roll and add it to a New Album that was created, the picture will be in both. If you delete the picture from the New Album it will still remain in Camera Roll. But if you delete the picture in Camera Roll it will delete it from both Camera Roll and New Album. But then the picture will go into Recently Deleted, which it will remain in for something like 29 days then be permanently deleted. Is this confusing, lol

  iCloud online might be worth looking at on the computer where it can move pictures around. Also iTunes has some picture capability it can either take pictures from the iPhone to the computer or from the computer to the iPhone I don't recall the complete functions.

Re: Moving photos to new albums
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