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New VZW customer--didn't get anything I signed on for.

After almost 10 years with a different company, I switched to Verizon last month and purchased the iPhone 6. At the time, I signed an agreement to add a line to my stepmom's plan for $9.99 and was told that I would get a bonus GB of data for two years.

After the phone came it, I was told that the person who sold me the phone was wrong on the plan and that I'd have to get my own plan, which means I have to pay roughly $20 extra per month for two years. I was still told I would get the bonus data.

I settled for that, as frustrating as it was, but a few days later, I noticed my bonus GB was never added. We called, talked to someone, and were told that it was added. A few days later, it still isn't there, so I go in to the store and someone told me that my account didn't qualify for bonus data. I've tried to get help resolving this issue, to no avail.

It isn't fair that I have to pay an extra $20/month extra to what I originally signed on for and don't get the bonus GB either. I would like this escalated to someone who can help with this, as it looks like my only options right now are to do an early cancellation and try to recoup my losses in small claims court. I would prefer not to do that.

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