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No LTE on iPhone 6

Last week my service on my iPhone 6 decided to quit working. One day out of the blue it worked for about 6 hours then quit again. Reset the network setting and again, worked for about 6 hours then stopped. Finally broke down and totally reset the phone. It now works but wont connect to LTE. I have gone into the cellular settings, turned airplane mode off/on, really I have done anything and everything to try to get it to work...still nothing. Don't really think its fair to owe $366 on a phone that wont work right....Any ideas??

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Re: No LTE on iPhone 6
Sr. Leader

I would take it to the Verizon store and have them replace the SIM to see if that fixes it. Take it to a corporate store and there is no charge to replace out the SIM. If that doesn't work, take it to Apple.

As far as not fair. If you have a 5 year car loan and the car is no longer under warranty and the transmission breaks. Do you still have to keep paying for the car for the full time of the loan? Of course you do, this is no different.