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“No Service”

Why do I keep seeing this message instead of bars??? My house. My mother’s house. My grandparent’s house. I’m literally holding my phone up just right against a wall so my service doesn’t drop. I’ve only been a loyal paying customer for my entire adult life....what’s the problem here??

Re: “No Service”
Customer Support

I'm sorry to learn that your phone shows a "no service" notification instead of signal bars, Nels50. We appreciate your loyalty and tenure and we are committed to improve your wireless service experience. As I review your post, I see that you experience service issues inside your house, your mother’s house, and your grandparent’s house. Based on this information I see a common denominator with this service issue (indoors), and it is crucial to isolate this issue further to ensure that we address your concerns correctly. How is your service outdoors? Would you be able to help us with a quick test and share results with us?


At your convenience, please step outside your home (or any house) and power your phone off for 30 seconds, then power it on and test while outside your house. How many signal bars do you see while you are outside?

Do you have WiFi available in your house?