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Port-in Credit not received? Verizon blatantly cheating customers !!

After 3 years I feel Its time to change the phone carrier. I used to be so proud of Verizon...used to praise its customer handling. So much so that I ported my phone used by my daughter from T-mobile to Verizon. Imagine..this is my 4th phone on Verizon. I ported it in December 2014..with the promotion of Port-In Credit of $150.  Every month since then I have ben calling the customer service representative..wasting about 1 hour..(It seems they deliberately take time so that the customers lose patience and hang up). When I bought the phone from Best Buy..I was assured that the I am eligible for the Port-In Credit. To make  sure, I also reached out to the Verizon store in the vicinity before buying the phone from Best Buy (As the verizon store didnt have the phone piece that day and I wanted to gift it to my daughter on her birthday).

After buying, every time I call the customer service , I am told that I will get the credit within 2-3 business cycles...5 cycles have passed..The last representative even assured me that all my paper work is through..and I am all set to receive the credit in next bill.

Yesterday I got my bill...5th after the switch..and Now when I call the customer service, I am told that my Port-In Credit has been denied because I bought the phone at Best Buy.

I distinctly remember that there was no such rule. Also. ..the common sense tells us that the Port-in Credit is the credit you receive for changing over your service to Verizon from other Carrier..What does it have to do with where you get the phone from..

Verizon has started cheating customers.. And now I saw similar posts by other users too.


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Re: Port-in Credit not received? Verizon blatantly cheating customers !!
Customer Support

This is not how we wanted your new line activation process to go. It has taken to long for you to get a solid resolution in regards to the port-in credit promotion that we were offering at the time of your activation. We do work with many retails in which they also provide their own promotions that are not directly associated with our VZW promotions. Since the phone was purchased at a Best Buy it does make it no eligible for the port in credit. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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Re: Port-in Credit not received? Verizon blatantly cheating customers !!

This is absolutely not true.

There was nothing of this sort mentioned anywhere in your promotion scheme about buying a phone at Verizon store only. The Port in Credit is an incentive for porting a number to Verizon Carrier. It has nothing to do with the phone piece. I had even checked with the Verizon store before buying the phone at Best Buy. At that time I had to buy the phone at Best Buy because the Verizon store did not have the particular phone color that I wanted.

Even in one of your posts in the discussion forum (of Nov 2014), your Verizon official has mentioned that the all purchases are eligible for Port In Credit.

I am pasting that reply here.


Hi theusualsuspect!

Great news! All port ins are eligible for this credit. It does take 2-3 billing cycles to get the credit, but going to a 3rd party vendor is OK!


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This is absolutely ILLEGAL