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Recovering Voicemails (iPhone 6S)

Hi everyone! So I'm having an issue with the voicemail system on an iPhone 6S. While deleting voicemails (using Visual Voicemail) in order to clear up space, I wanted to permanently delete them, so when I navigated to the "Deleted" voicemails section, I hit the "Clear All" button which, from what I understand, is only supposed to clear out the voicemails in the "Deleted" list, however when I did this, it removed everything from the entire voicemail box, including saved and new messages NOT in the "Deleted" folder! Can't even access them anymore via the traditional method of calling the voicemail box (via *86).

No one seems to understand how this happened but surely the non-deleted voicemails must still exist somewhere. There were dozens of them and I definitely did not delete any of them - they just disappeared when I hit "Clear All" in the "Deleted" section.  Some of the messages were super important and/or had sentimental value so I'm hoping very badly that there is some way to retrieve them. Does anyone have any insight into this? Please help! I'd be extremely grateful to find a solution.

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Re: Recovering Voicemails (iPhone 6S)
Customer Support


Oh my! This is certainly not the experience we want any of our customers to have. We truly understand the importance of saving those voicemails & so sorry that this has happened. You are correct, when you have voicemails that are not in the deleted folder & when you click on “clear all”, it shouldn’t delete those voicemails. We do wish that there was some explanation, but at times there are “glitches” that do happen. We surely wish we could bring back these voicemails for you, but there isn’t any possible way. Please know that if there was a way to bring them back, we absolutely would.

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