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Shattered 6 plus screen, for the 4th time

I want to take my fourth 6 plus and turn it in for exchange of a 6, Verizon 4g wireless took my last 6plus 128 gb and convinced me to get a new plus, 64 gb and add a dummy line. I should have paid retail. Someone please tell me where to go, to have this issue resolved, with no problems. Fresno ca.

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Re: Shattered 6 plus screen, for the 4th time
Sr. Leader

Past 14 days no exchanges or refunds.  You cannot turn in equipment that is broken due to damage.

Re: Shattered 6 plus screen, for the 4th time

You've shattered 4 screens? You clearly need a case on your phones if that's what you're saying you've done. At any rate...I imagine you must have had insurance if you were being allowed to get a replacement phone all of these times for damage. And by time number 3 you had exhausted those this point you will have to pay full retail to get another device most likely or find a used one to buy. Unless you're leaving out some important information. As mentioned, pass the 14 day return/exchange period you can't return a phone for refund or exchange (for a new device not a warranty replacement) and you can't return a physically damaged phone at all EXCEPT for a warranty replacement if you have the proper coverage.

Re: Shattered 6 plus screen, for the 4th time
Customer Support

Rizzy20, I truly your pain with a shattered screen. I accidentally broke my phone's screen, a week in, while waiting for my cover to arrive in the mail. The 6+ has an awesome screen, and we want to make sure your phone is back as good as new.

Snn5 and Kaebfly bring up great points. If insurance is no longer an option, and returning the phone is no longer available due to the damage and exceeding the return period, there is still an option.

If you have an Apple Store nearby, you can alwasy schedule an appointment with them, and they should be able to repair the glass panel protecting your screen. It is dependant on the extent of the damage, but they would be the next best option.

Give them a try.

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