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Tried to return faulty iphone 6 to rude manager at vzw store

I picked up my new Iphone 6 on June 15th, purchased on the edge program. They gave me several accessories that I didn't need, but they said were included.  I tried to use the phone that day and the next, and it dropped every phone call and had very poor reception in the few seconds the call lasted. On the 17th I took it back to the store where the employee told me that I not only had to pay a $35.00 restocking fee for the phone, $25.00 for the screen protector,which I was fine paying, but they wanted me to pay the full price ($29.95) for the case because they put it on and didn't give me the box so I could return it, and restocking fees for the accessories that I didn't want and never took out of the box (extra bob marley earphones, and a power pack battery charger). She said she couldnt waive any fees, that all of this was in my contract and that I could come back the next day and talk to the manager.

     I read my contract, and it WAS NOT in it. I went back the next day. The manager looked at my contract, and when he couldn't find it, he pulled out a piece of paper from behind the counter and said, well THIS is what we usually give to people and it's in here. He said there was no way he was waiving anything, he didn't care what my contract said. I'm extremely frustrated, I just want to go back to my old phone. I've been with verizon for a long time and so has my whole family, but after this treatment we my all re-think our future carriers.

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Re: Tried to return faulty iphone 6 to rude manager at vzw store

This doesn't sound like a Verizon corporate store.  you are entitled to a working phone.  Please go to a Verizon corporate store, and then Apple for a working, new phone.