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VZW WIFI Calling

I work from home & have two homes in different states.  Neither homes have landlines so I use a cell phone 100% of the time to make and receive business phone calls.  The home I work from in State A has poor Verizon reception so every day I commonly receive and make phone calls using VZW WIFI.  It works with no problems.   

I also work from home in State B that again has poor Verizon reception where I live.  I cannot get VZW wifi calling to initiate on my cell phone in my home from State B.  wifi calling works in other places that have wifi within this state.  Just not my home and i cannot figure this out.

Last summer I was told I should buy a Signal Booster for my home in State B.  I attempted to do so, but at that time Verizon strongly urged me to use wifi calling instead.  They tested my wifi speed in the home in State B and said that I needed a better speed.  I don't remember those speeds at that time, but I figured why not get the internet provider out here to make sure.  The internet provider just left my home in State B.  The signal was providing 5 MBPS upload speed and 50 MBPS download speed.  We tested this across multiple tests & they all came out approx the same.  It was determined that this is enough to make wifi calling work. 

The WIFI calling will still not pop up on my phone screen.  I am at a loss of what to do here other than get a land line for this home in State B.  I've also rebooted the cell phone & this did nothing different.  I can travel to a local business for lunch that has wifi and make a phone call using VZW wifi calling from there but I cannot from inside my home.  I don't know what else to test here. 

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Re: VZW WIFI Calling
Customer Support

CASMOS54, I understand that the Wi-Fi calling working everywhere but at this specific location is a bit mind boggling. We definitely want to work with you to get to the bottom of this issue. To get a better understanding, can you please provide your devices make and model? What other troubleshooting have you done outside of power cycling the device? What happens when you initiate a call over Wi-Fi at this location?


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Re: VZW WIFI Calling

Hi La'Sinda, my devices make and model is an iPhone 6s.

the other trouble shooting was gettibg a new wifi modem & checking my coverage with the ISP.  They said all was good & gave me my download speeds I posted above.

The device won't recognize Wifi calling so there is no way to make it initiate a call thru wifi calling.  I have initiated several calls but none of them will use wifi calling.  Doesn't VZW WIFI have to display next to my signal strength for it to make an outbound call using wifi calling???  If that is true, then I wont be able to initiate a call until that signal is displayed on the phone.  That is what I am trying to get to. 

How is do I get the VZW WIFI to pop up on my screen next to the signal strength?  Until that happens, I cant initiate a call using wifi calling.