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Verizon canceled my iPhone 6 Plus order, suddenly says I'm ineligible for Early Edge

I ordered an iPhone 6 Plus on 9/19 (and also a second iPhone and new line for my wife). The expected ship date was this week. I checked on the status yesterday only to discover it was canceled. Needless to say, I was upset and called to find out why. The salesperson told me I was ineligible for Early edge. This is after two separate Verizon employees said I was eligible (one in a Verizon store a week before I ordered it and the salesperson I placed the phone order with). How is this even possible?

After a long wait as she discussed my situation with the supervisor, I was told they would honor the Early Edge but would have to reorder and it could be another month before I get my phone. They expected me to be happy about it because they were doing me some big favor. I was still angry but agreed to reorder.

After I hung up, though, I realized this is completely unacceptable. I've already waited a month and a half, there is no way I'm going to the back of the line again and waiting another month. I called back today and canceled my order. I will be paying the early cancellation fee and switching to AT&T as soon as possible. After this experience, I can no longer remain a Verizon customer.

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Re: Verizon canceled my iPhone 6 Plus order, suddenly says I'm ineligible for Early Edge

AT&T has the program where they will pay off your fees if you join them right? Or is that Sprint?