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Verizon lost me as customer before I even became one!!!

Decided to order iPhone 6 from verizon website. Got one last friday. Decided to go with different size (instead of 128GB, wanted 64GB).. and here it is where it became a problem.

Contacted verizon customer service thru chat and 800 number.. was told twice that I can return UNOPENED and still sealed in FEDEX box phone to local verizon store and as long as it wasn't opened I will get refund and avoid restocking fee..

So I went to first verizon store located at

505 W Douglas Rd

Mishawaka, IN

(574) 271-9819

I was told I can return the phone but they will charge me restocking fee. I showed them print of my chat with verizon customer support where it stated otherwise and that I can get refund and won't be charged restocking fee. Walked away because no one was able to help me NOR they wanted to help me!!!!

All they offered was refund and charge of restocking fee even knowing and seeing the phone was never taken out of the fedex box.

Today I stopped to another store to just return the phone and being charge restocking fee, hoping that I can call customer service, where I was told they will wave the restocking fee, since the phone was never opened and it is sealed. To my surprise I was told in rudely manner that they won't even take the phone in by dark skinned verizon store representative at

Verizon Wireless

560 W Ireland Rd

South Bend, IN 46614

I am going to send the phone back to verizon they way i got it and I will hope I can get the restocking fee waved.. since it was never opened..

I will never sign for any verizon service and make sure all my friends know how terrible is their customer service and how inconsistent they are between their stores and online support.

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