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Verizon wireless customer service and the iphone 6

I just upgraded to the iphone 6. It is a nice phone. Fast, sleek, seems more durable than the reports of it bending etc.

(Knock on wood).

  The biggest problem I have is VERIZON. Having been a customer for well over a decade, I was annoyed that I had to pay them $30 to sign a two year contract to give them money in exchange for service. Why the fee, I ask?

"Because everyone charges a fee". Cool. There is also a cliff right over there.

  The customer service agent was polite and offered to offset this charge on my next bill, and to go ahead and pay this fee on top of the $300 for the phone. I did. And signed the next two year contract. Did he give me said credit? Nope. When I asked the next customer service agent of this, she said "we don't do that". When I asked Brandy, a supervisor, she also stated that this cannot be credited. Convenient timing as I had already signed the contract. I don't like giving money to companies that trick people out of money. I think I have out grown Verizon. Or Verizon's customer service has outgrown itself.

Regardless, it's the principle. Getting lied to and treated like a sucker doesn't feel good. And I paid money to have it done to me.

Thanks Verizon!

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Re: Verizon wireless customer service and the iphone 6
Customer Support

Bluevelvet, I'm sorry you feel this way. Although it was a difficult decision to implement the upgrade fee, we did decide that doing so would allow us to continue to provide savings to our customers. While a $30.00 upgrade fee may not sound like savings, the savings comes in the form of being able to subsidize our devices with contracts. Additionally, the upgrade fee can be avoided with Edge since the device is not subsidized.

You mentioned purchasing an iPhone 6. I'm glad to see that you are happy with the design and performance of it. Normally, the iPhone 6 16GB (I'll use this for an example) is $649.99 for full retail. With the larger memory and different model, it's even pricier. By charging a $30.00 upgrade fee, we can subsidize this cost for you in exchange for a two year contract, so intead of paying $649.99 out of pocket, you only have to pay $199.99.

I do want to review the offer that was presented to you. I have sent you a direct message here. Please reply to the direct message.

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Re: Verizon wireless customer service and the iphone 6

The answer provided regarding the upgrade fee is one of the worst attempts at spin that I have ever seen.  The fact is that Verizon used to sell The $650 devices for $199 with no upgrade fee.  Then, AT&T started to charge the fee and Verizon followed suit.  It is simply to increase average revenue per user (ARPU) and keep investors happy.  This is a truth that cannot be debated.  Please don't be dishonest with customers who pay you thousands of dollars per year for decades. 

Re: Verizon wireless customer service and the iphone 6

Yeah. The math really doesn't add up. Fortunately this customer service representative had the authority to credit me. Apparently the previous ones (Brandy) did not. Or she also lied to me. Unfortunately it took me more than $30 of my time to keep them honest. Regardless, Verizon made it right. And I am happy with my new phone.