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Why was my replacement phone sent to another address when I specified my actual address?

I am on a plan with members of my family where my mother is the primary account holder and I am an account manager (easier for me to pay my part of the bill and remain on a family plan). I recently had my defective iphone 6 replaced via total mobile support, which I had thought gone smoothly. I specified, on speaker phone, in front of a witness, that the phone needed to be sent to my address in New York and NOT to the address of the primary account holder in California. This information I provided was repeated back to me. The tracking given later that day showed that the phone would be delivered to...CALIFORNIA. The primary account holder called, and requested this shipment be DIVERTED to New York. "Kevin" said that it had been successfully diverted via FedEx and even provided the authorization number. Guess what? IT IS STILL BEING DELIVERED TO CALIFORNIA. Is it just impossible for something this simple to be done with you people?! I would have called at this point to complain, but unfortunately I DON'T HAVE A PHONE and the one I used is with my girlfriend while she is at work. I really hope I don't have an emergency in the next couple of days while I wait for it to now be sent here where it was SUPPOSED TO GO, while I pay out of pocket for the additional shipping. GET. IT. TOGETHER.

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