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Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Experienced

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Verizon over the past 6 weeks. I originally ordered an iPhone 6 64g with the original shipment back in September. On the date of shipment, my order never left FedEx in Memphis, despite receiving a shipping notification. After calling FedEx and Verizon, it became pretty clear the phone had been lost or stolen in transit, and never made it to Las Vegas. I get it, things happen. I called Verizon, and was told that it's too bad that happened, but they didn't have any phones to ship me. I was a bit surprised they didn't hold back a few, in the event shipments got mixed up or orders got accidentally cancelled. Nope, I would have to wait for the next shipment in October. However, I couldn't order a new phone because they had to void out my upgrade, and unsubscribe me from Edge, which I had enrolled in with the new phone. They promised it would take two days, and they would call me back to re-order my phone. Never called back. I called back two more times, and they still didn't reset my account. I was told they were "investigating" the issue. What's to investigate on my end? It never even got to the city I live in. It doesn't matter if an investigation is ongoing, I still need a new phone. I called a few more times, and two customer service representatives said they would call me back. Never did. I asked for supervisors, they refused to transfer me, and would make me re-tell my story. I would get blind transferred to different departments, and was told by one rep that my phone is "in Memphis on its way." Another rep suggested I claim the insurance on my current phone, then trade in the new phone I receive for the iphone 6 (since my phone is broken). Great idea . . . except if my iphone 6 breaks within the year I lose my ability to have insurance.  Finally, on my fifth or sixth call, a representative was able to reset my account. She told me to order it myself online, and credited my bill $60 (after I had to ask for some sort of compensation for the inconvenience, since I'd spent about 5 collective hours on the phone with them at this point). I was never allowed to be prioritized in the shipping process. It was as if I never ordered a phone back in September. Fine, I re-ordered my phone on October 9 with an October 24 ship date. I called on the afternoon of October 24, because I had no shipping confirmation or charge on my credit card, and they said it would ship by the end of the day. Later that night I got an email saying my phone was bumped to November 3. I called Verizon on Saturday, October 25, asking why they would've misinformed me the afternoon before. The rep offered to call local stores near my house to see if any had the phone I ordered (which I knew they wouldn't). He said he would call me back . . . never did. That would be about the fourth time someone promised to call me back. Finally, I called today, demanding a supervisor. I was AGAIN refused the transfer. She told me that he did in fact call me back Saturday. I have no missed call and no message from Verizon or anyone else on Saturday. After I yelled for 5 minutes she credited me the upgrade fee . . . $35. In the meantime I have a janky iphone 4s that barely works while I keep my fingers crossed I actually receive an iphone 6 . . . seven weeks after I originally ordered. I understand that quantity is low and out of Verizon's hands (maybe), but I could have tolerated being patient. The treatment by customer service was what sent me. Absolutely terrible. Lying, lack of information, and no communication. I worked in customer service for years, so I was very polite my first few calls, because I hate yelling at people when it's not their fault that things went wrong.. They forced me to become nasty, because it became customer service's fault. Unfortunately I DON'T have a choice in service providers, based on where I travel and where I work, so I am stuck with Verizon. After 11 years with Verizon, I would expect better. I don't expect anyone to care that all this occurred at this point, it just makes me feel better to let others know how terrible the customer service was.

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