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device not charging showing plug icon

Okay, so my iPhone 6s does not appear to be charging. I am seeing the black screen that shows the battery in the middle (red, 2 blinking lines) and below the battery is the usb plug icon with a lightning bolt atop it.  (I'm assuming this doesn't mean it's charging as it shows this same screen without being plugged in)

So what happened was, phone got to 3% battery. Plugged it in. Immediately dropped to 1% battery, then shut itself off (while plugged in). I have let it sit at a wall charger for over two hours and still see the same usb with a lighting bolt and it will not hard reset for anything.

I have verified the plug/cable are good with another person's iPhone 6s - charges and works just fine.

I've tried hard resetting it about fifty times, tried plugging into the wall, my car, and a computer - still keep getting the same exact screen.

Any help is seriously appreciated. Let me know if more info is needed.

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Re: device not charging showing plug icon
Sr. Leader

I have had lint get in the port and prevent good connection.  Trying cleaning it out with air or non conductive probe (that is use thin toothpick and not a paperclip!).