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iPhone 4 trade in rebate IS A SCAM!!!

In Oct. we went to our local Verizon wireless store and inquired about the $200 iPhone 4 trade in promo to upgrade to iPhone 6. We saw a commercial on TV promoting the new iphone 6. The salesman inspected both of our iPhone 4s and told us both phones were in good condition & would qualify for the full $200 rebate.  He recommended we do it online.  At home we entered the trade info, answering the "online interview" correctly which indicated we would receive $200 per phone.  We received the return envelope materials and we waited for a month for our new iPhone 6's to arrive.  We promptly followed the directions to erase the old iPhone 4s and mailed them back.  We received emails stating that both of our devices had been received by the recycling team.  About a week later we received an email that one of the phones got a gift card for $200 but we didnt receive anything on our 2nd iPhone 4.  We knew it was received but we hadn't gotten a gift card.  It took longer than the other phone but eventually we received an additional gift card for our 2nd iphone 4 but this time for only $36. 

On 12/9 again, I contacted verizon support thru the online chat.  She informed me that there is an error in their system, that many customers are having the same problem and gave me a phone number to call.  We called the number she gave, only to learn that it was a 'special line' for verizon employees.  After the rep yawned in my ear he gave me a different phone number to call.  I sat on hold for 32 mins.  When somebody did finally answer the phone line connection was horrible, crackling static and the Rep said he couldnt hear me so he hung up.  This went on for 2 days.  Some agents told me it was an error in system and they'd re-send the email, some would say that the phone was broken and that we are lucky to get $36.  One guy Denny said he would adjust it and watch for email in 2-3 days.  It's been 10 days....still nothing.  I've emailed their support address twice.  Only to get ridiculous replies back from verizon stating we need to call them.  I live chatted with another support person 12/15 - she told me to call that same crappy phone number after I explained the situation she said sorry - different team, she cant help.  I've asked for supervisors - only to be told sorry, different team, they cant help.   On 12/16 I called that recycling phone number back.  Spoke with the 12th different person there, she emailed me a "courtesy credit notification" and said to watch my email for an adjustment....which I still haven't received.  I've threatened going to the BBB and turning Verizon into the attorney general.  They don't care.  None of them have.  It's been constant go - around, and a lot of stupid answers that aren't true.  too many hours spent on the hold to get no where!

Also told by the verizon rep we would receive a 1GB promo data.  Never have received that either.

I dont know what the truth is anymore or if we will ever see our remaining $164.  It is the worst customer service I have ever received.  I have been with verizon since 1994 before it was verizon.  We've had the same phone number, adding add'l lines, stayed with them thru all of the buy-outs and mergers.  Never a single problem until now!!!  After seeing this forum, I am shocked & saddened to learn that I am not the only one having the exact same problem.  I am turning this into the attorney general's office and the BBB.  Maybe our voices will be heard!!!

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