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iPhone 6 Trade-In Promotion Code That Works

Okay, loads of posts about not getting the promotional amount and so on. I am in the same boat EXCEPT I haven't shipped my old iPhone back yet. I have been on the phone with Verizon three times trying to figure out how to get the trade-in page on their site to get the credit correctly stated so the shipping materials can be sent.

I received this promo code from a Verizon Customer Service rep this morning who actually called me back. It was accepted by the vzw site and prints a receipt with the appraisal amount as well as the difference between that value and $200 so it totals up to what was advertised in the promotion. It is working as of today, November 5th, and I don't know for how much longer it will continue to do so.

The website to use is:

The promo code you enter that is currently working is: CAREIPHONE6200-Z3PG-8DV4


IF you're planning on getting the trade-in promo amount of $200 they (Verizon-VZW) tells me I have until December 15th to send my old iPhone to them. Problem was NO promotional code. The old one didn't work after the promotion's end date. Of the posts I've read, most seem to be having trouble getting the full $200 pop for at least these common reasons/excuses from VZW (a contractor they have handling trade-ins). The list (likely not complete):

1) Cracked screen

2) Won't power on

3) Case cracked

4) Bad, missing or non-functional buttons

5) Lock code still active (prevents access--yes, it does)

6) Still connected to iCloud

7)Find My iPhone still active

Without documentation of the phone's condition the whole thing becomes a finger-pointing game. I've decided to do the following and recommend you do something similar if and before you send your old iPhone back:

1) On the old phone, go to Settings/General

2) In the right column of the General options at the very bottom is a Reset option

3) Use this option and select Reset Phone And Erase All Data (wording may different but it's close enough)

4) If you have an access code on the iPhone you'll have to enter it to do the process

5) Two, "Are you sure?," style prompts must be pressed to verify you REALLY want to do this.

6) After the second Are You Sure prompt is answered, the Apple shows up on the screen and following a complete reset and erase you're greeted with the Hello screen where you'd begin setup. At this point, the phone should no longer have an access code and should have been logged out of iCloud.

7) Go through the setup screens and skip the ones that ask you to create a lock code, skip setting up an Apple ID and password, skip connecting to WiFi, DO SKIP turning on Find My iPhone. When you successfully reach what will now be an original Home screen, RUN THE RESET AND ERASE AGAIN. This verifies for you that there is no iCloud connection, and no access code.

😎 Take close up pics of the screen, the back, the sides, the buttons, the data/power port, everything. Even better, record a video and go from inspecting the iPhone's condition to and through a setup as described above to show there is no connection to iCloud or any access code. Then go begin the Reset and Erase process (still while recording video).

9) Lots of users here write of the poor quality of packaging provided for shipping the trade-in, so if you still have the original box put the phone in that. Otherwise use some bubble wrap or another small sturdy box so the screen doesn't get broken or buttons stop working from poor handling by USPS or other shippers.

Why pics and/or video? If you have to take the matter to arbitration or seek remedy from the BBB or other consumer resource there is nothing more convincing than good documentation.

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