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iPhone 6+ cannot 'log' on to touch tone automated services like teleconference service providers

My iPhone 6+ cannot 'log' on to touch tone automated services like teleconference service providers.

I'm writing all this crap down because no one at Apple or Verizon seems to have a fix for it.

Issue:  I make a standard phone call to a teleconference provider.  I try to type in a 10 digit code and it always cuts me off before getting to the 10th digit, thus implying the phone's keys are 'sticking' and pushing more digits to the service provider than I am actually providing.  The screen only shows my 10 digits, but I cannot never type them all in.

Key findings:

1) This does not happen on LTE.  It works fine then.

2) This does not happen on 3G away from my house.  It works fine then.

3) It ONLY happens at home where I dial with the help of a Verizon Samsung Wireless Extender in 3G (LTE does not work with the extender, so I turn LTE off at home).  This is necessary because I have a home office in a place with poor verizon signal and I lack a ground line.  So the Extender allows me to keep a steady phone connection.
4) What happens in (3) above ONLY happens on my new iPhone 6+, as my prior iPhone 5 (attached to the same Extender) had zero problems.

5) What happens in (3) consistently occurs at other teleconference-like providers.  I tried it on a city jury duty dial-in service lately, and an access code was also required and the same thing happened consistently, again, only on 3G and only on my iPhone 6+ and only on the home extender.

6) Other folks have had this issue with other extenders:

Link 1: Sprint Community: DTMF tones not recognized after ios 8 update

Link 2: Sprint Community: Airave issue with Iphone 5S / IOS 8 ?


1) Either my new iPhone 6+ or iOS 8 (new to my house with the new phone) does not communicate well with the Extender, even when LTE is correctly turned off to allow the Extender to work.

Solution:  Unknown.  Either Apple needs to bring forward an update urgently (these are vital work telecons I must take at home) or Verizon needs to send an update signal with a # code that will allow the extender to 'talk' with the phone.  In either case, I AM AT WIT'S END WITH THIS!

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