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iPhone 6 preorder ... Why not just tell the truth?

I don't get it ... I got up early 9/12 to order the new iPhone 6+. I did so online and had no problems whatsoever. I got a followup email confirming the order number, location number, and ship date (10-14). OK fine .... later I happen to be online and find the once visible ship date now gone ... I called CS only to be ping-ponged around who knows and informed my order was cancelled!! WHY I asked? So far, I have been given fraud, volume, contract acceptance .. and a few more excuses that equates to sun spots, planet alignment and other atmospheric anomolies. The bottom line was to REORDER and go to the back of the line.

This rollout has been a disaster ... Verizon says they did not cancel the order. Instead, they point to Apple. Well excuse me, but my order was not placed through Apple, it was placed through Verizon. The confirmation email did not have Apple's name on it, nor did the cancellation notice I just received.

Verizon people have been long on promises, excuses, and now just plain lies, and short on telling the simple truth and correcting the situation. I have not asked to be put in front of anyone in the order line. I just wanted my original ship date (as ordered) to be honored. I have been promised now by a couple of Verizon folks my request has been "escallated". For those that are unaware ... that means "go away boy ... don't bother me".

Well OK fine ... Verizon will lose customers over this ... not so much for blowing shipping dates a few days, but by being less than genuine, and dishonest about there own system failure. I am one customer that has been with Verizon before it was Verizon (Alltel) for over 11 years. Does that make a diference ... not in the least.

So long Verizon ...

BTW: If you tell a similar story on social media (Facebook) ... you will be blocked. Been there, done that.

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Re: iPhone 6 preorder ... Why not just tell the truth?

I am so with you on this.  I am really sad.  Like everyone else I got up early, pre-ordered after all the errors the site was having.  Got my order in within an hour of the site going live.  Had a date of the 19th for delivery UNTIL I got my confirmation email that now says the 10th.  I have BEGGED Verizon Wireless Customer Support to please look at my order to make sure there were no issues.  But I get the canned responses.  What get's me most is there are certain reps that are helping people and looking up accounts.  You would think they would do this for us if we ask because of all the issues.  I KNOW MY STATUS WON'T CHANGE UNTIL IT SHIPS I GET THAT.  What I am looking for is someone just validate that there are no ISSUES that are holding my order up because if there are and I could have fixed them days ago, I am not going to be happy.  I just want to be treated a little better and treated as a customer that matters to Verizon.