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iPhone 6 (two of them) order cancelled.

I think I would like to document what I am going through and see how well Verizon Wireless takes care of their long term (going on 7 years I believe) customers.  My Wife and I placed an order on 09.28.14 in the Monroe, NC Verizon Wireless Store address 3003 Monroe Way, Monroe NC 28110.  We got the two iPhone 6 black/whatever they can get to us in the fastest time possible.  Meanwhile while we are doing this in the store, my sister in law is getting a physical iPhone 6 at the local BestBuy at the Verizon Wireless kiosk they have.

We ordered our Phones that day to take advantage of the $200 gift card Verizon issues.  We were told to go online and sign up for it.  So I have been dying to get my new phone, with Apples' planned obsolescence my iPhone 4S cuts off, freezes during phone calls (the callers can not hear me), crashes, and works 75% of the time, maybe due to upgrading the iOS (not Verizons fault at all).  In other words, I really need a new phone and I am looking forward to the new iPhone6!  We received the envelop to return the old iPhones this past Saturday (October 18th).  I thought in my head, "Hmmm, I wonder if our phones shipped early by chance....they are suppose to ship out the 21st of October."

I check my personal email and there it is...

Your Order Has Been Cancelled


This email is to confirm that your order has been cancelled; you have not been billed for this merchandise.

If you would like to place a new order, you may do so by visiting your local retail store or going online to

Business customers should refer back to their local Verizon Wireless Sales Representative if you have any questions or would like to place a new order.

Thank you, and we look forward to your business in the future.

Verizon Wireless

Why?...So far the shipping address matches the billing address, we have the money so it should have been automatically withdrawn from our account (I asked to pay for it upfront and the Sales Associate said it was not allowed so she did the credit card swipe and told me it would be deducted the day they shipped the phones).  Why has this been canceled?  I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I go to the Verizon Wireless Store.  I think this may be a ploy to lock people into another 2 year contract, that way when they get angry at the fact that for some unknown reason their order gets cancelled, Verizon gets the full termination fee.  I'm curious....

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Re: iPhone 6 (two of them) order cancelled.

I had the same thing happend to mine but then i also got an email where it had my delivery date moved up from 10/28 to 10/24 with a new order number.  I don't for sure but i was thinking that it was because the phones are taking so long to be sent our return policies are voided because its past 30 days so when they are getting ready to ship they have to cancel that one and make a new order number so our return policy timeframe is available.  I dont know for sure im hoping that is the reason but i got to call them tomorrow to verify