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iPhone 6s

My wife and I both got new iPhone 6s's 3 weeks ago now. Hers works great has excellent service and no problems. Mine on the other hand would not get lte service where I had before and hers does. I could be sitting right next to her and she would have lte and I would have weak 3G service. So I went back to Verizon one week later and they told me lte was turned off, they set the phone up. So now 2 weeks later mine still receiving poor signal and still no lte I return to Verizon they tell me it needs a new SIM card. So they put one in and tell me if that doesn't fix it I can get a reman phone. I paid for a new phone to use it 2 weeks and then have to get a reman because this one is flawed? Anybody have any problems with theirs not getting lte service?

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Re: iPhone 6s
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    EricC4455, I have the iPhone 6s Plus as well and haven't had that problem. What I would do is stop by an Apple Store and have them take a look at the iPhone, and I believe there's a 1 year warranty.

  I was in a Apple Store this week to have my cracked screen repaired and was quite impressed by them. They ran diagnostic test on the iPhone to make sure it was just a cracked screen.

Re: iPhone 6s
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+1 on dealing with Apple directly, you'll be happy you did.