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"Lost"iPhone 6 on EDGE, know device location.

Good Evening;

I had the extremely bright idea of checking the oil in my car tonight and while attempting to check, I decided to place my phone in a location I thought that would be safe -- I stood wrong, extremely wrong and the phone slipped into a location that would be more than difficult to recover it from. I have an idea of taking my vehicle to the VW Dealership to see if they're willing to do a little work to find the phone, but then agin I'm thinking of how willing they'll be to do the work. I can literally, as of now at least, see the flashlight from my phone and no matter how much I drive the phone won't fall into a different zone. Unfortunately I had the bright idea of not purchasing insurance on my device, well it was really more of a financial decision if anything, so that's out of the question. In other words, if the phone cannot be recovered what should I do? Purchase another device? Do you think Apple would be more willing to listen to me and give me a break? It was truly an accident.

Anyways, thank you for reading and I look forward to your reply,

Demetrius H.

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Re: "Lost"iPhone 6 on EDGE,  know device location.
Customer Support


I'm sorry to hear about your phone! We'd love to help review all available options.

Since no insurance is present on the device I would strongly recommend receiving some assistance with have the device removed from the car if possible. This would help avoid having to purchase a new device at the full retail value if no upgrade options are available on the account.


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Re: "Lost"iPhone 6 on EDGE, know device location.
Sr. Leader

Like you said, it is a financial decision at this point. How much will it cost to retrieve vs. buying a new phone. Apple will not just give you a new phone or a reduced priced rebuilt one without a damaged phone in hand.

Re: "Lost"iPhone 6 on EDGE,  know device location.

Thank you, I was lucky to have a neighbor who is familiar with cars and found the phone in the weirdest of spots. My guess is it's too late to add insurance to this device, after tonight I truly believe I need something to help me out.