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siri locked in default location

Siri on my iPhone 6 is ALWAYS locked in Verizon's Philadelphia PA  default location! It's been that way through the entire iOS 8 series, and now the entire iOS 9 series with the current 9.0.2 update installed.

literally... Siri NEVER gives me ANY nearby locations, shopping, gas stations, hotels, etc, etc when I ask "find the nearest..." Siri sends me hundreds or even thousands of miles out of my way to Philadelphia - or if the item, store, service, whatever is NOT in Philadelphia it says "I found nothing in your area" (???) ... this could be as simple a request as "Siri find the closest McDonald's" --- "Here's what I found" and Siri lists about two dozen McDonald's IN PHILADELPHIA WHEN I'M IN ATLANTA GEORGIA !!!

Apple Care tried every reset, unlock, reconfigure option available --- they say it's a Verizon glitch AND I'M NOT AT ALL HAPPY OVER THE COUNTLESS WASTED GIGABYTES OF DATA VERIZON HAS CHARGED ME TO FIND THIS OUT!

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Re: siri locked in default location
Customer Support


Siri can definitely be a useful resource, but it definitely has to know your location to be efficient. Let's make sure you're able to find what you're looking for in your area and get Siri working. We certainly appreciate all that you have done so far. Just to start let's check a few settings. In Settings, Privacy, would Location Services be enabled? In the same menu you can also go to System Services, is there anything disabled? Also, does Siri currently have the most updated information for you? This information can be update in Settings, General, Siri and My Info. One way to update this information is by creating a contact with for yourself with the correct location and then choosing it from this menu. In the meantime, do you have trouble with other location based services such as separate maps or navigation apps?

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