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***Announcement: We’re excited to inform you that we will be merging the Fios and Wireless Communities to a unified Verizon Community with a new look and feel throughout. If you are interested in what specifically has changed, please see the New Revamped Community article under the Featured Topics.***
Anyone else victim of Bait and Switch during iPhone 7 upgrade?

Called in regarding upgrade to iPhone 7.

I could have gone to local Verizon store, I SHOULD have gone direct to Apple.

Was quoted $69/month by representative after trade-in etc.

AGREED to purchase new iPhone 7, pay sales tax $20 upgrade fee, etc. Based on this quote - a quote given to me by a Verizon Representative.

One would assume this is the correct price, right? Right.

Get the phone, am now told well your bill will be $73.xx a month.

Customer service - "sorry nothing we can do."

I stated this a really fine example of what anyone would recognize as bait and switch - "well sir, you can return your phone - and we'll make an exception and wave the restocking fee."

Right, so after I receive shiny new toy, erase my old phone etc I want to do that? HOW ABOUT - oh, you HONOR your price quoted.

I purchased BASED on a VERIZON representative(Verizon - that large mega corporation that has assets of $244 BILLION) quoting me a price.

Now - "well that was an error and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get you that price, I can try to help, were you ever in the military?" "Oh, nope nothing can be done then."

THEN I have the customer service representative state things like "I'm sorry you feel that way" "it wasn't malicious in any way."

Make it right - you quoted me a price, you record phone calls so you also have PROOF you(the royal you - the multi-BILLION dollar company) quoted that price.

"I'm sorry you feel that way" -  best response ever from a customer service representative - sounds polite - but with a sweet tone is a truly despicable and VILE thing to say to any customer. Sad that in this day and age a lot of "customer service" representatives really do get off on pissing off the customer even more with verbiage like this. And she kept saying of course she doesn't want to have this conversation with me. Verizon - are you REALLY training your customer service representatives to be combatant and rude???

Anyone else fall victim to the bait and switch?

This rep told me NOONE at verizon can or will help me and a supervisor or manager cannot either.

Yep, well aware it's a little under a $5 difference a month but I don't have Billions unlike Verizon. And it's the principle. Don't quote one price and then change it after the fact.

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