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Call Filter not stopping blocked calls from ringing through

I subscribe to Call Filter.  I have "Auto-block spam calls by risk level" turned ON, and am trying to filter "All spam calls".  Some calls do get blocked, but a lot of calls still ring through, and I have to either decline or just let it ring until it stops.  Most of the time, the caller id says "Potential Spam", and when I try to add the number to the blocked list it tells me it is already a blocked number.  What can I do to make sure these calls don't ring through?

Re: Call Filter not stopping blocked calls from ringing through

Lot of good this does if it still rings through to Annoy you.  Most of the calls I get are potential spam if it's not someone I know and I'd rather they just go to voice mail.  

I think the phone companies must be in on the scam somehow or they'd be more interested in stopping this madness!  I don't know ANYONE who isn't affected by this.