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Faulty phone sent!!!

I had one of the Iphone7 models that had a defect A1660. It did not cause any problems until about 3 months ago which is how I discovered it had a defect. After literally 2 months of arguing with Apple vs. Verizon, it was replaced by Verizon. Guess what. . . I was sent the same model, A1660. And, shocker, i have had it for less than two weeks and am having the same problem. I have spent HOURS on my husband's phone and on live chat trying to get this resolved or just plain upgrade the phone and have had no luck.  I don't really know what else to do except cancel my verizon service. I need a working phone and can't get any help. 



Re: Faulty phone sent!!!

Given that it's an older model you'd be out of a warranty, and possibly without insurance. Arguing with Verizon / Apple won't really get you anywhere (other than getting a replacement of the same phone, which is the best option).

You'd have to upgrade the phone, or just find somewhere else to buy one.

Re: Faulty phone sent!!!
Customer Support

Amanda40, we always want our customers to have the reliable device they need. To see that you’re having issues with your replacement device and that you are looking to cancel service is troubling. We don't want to see you go so let’s check out what’s going on and see how we can help. The program covers affected iPhone 7 devices for 3 years after the first retail sale of the unit. Has it been three years since you activated your old phone? Have you attempted to take the replacement phone to Apple since you just activated it to see if they will replace that one for you? For additional information, please feel free to click on this link: